Prescott Valley Commercial Window Cleaning

What first impression does your business premises give?
First impressions last – and Alexander’s Window Cleaning can help your business give the right first impression every time. At Alexander’s Window Cleaning we have the tools and know how to clean even high and awkward windows, backed up by  the insurance and health & safety paperwork that you need from on-site contractors.

We offer tailor made service packages to suit your specific needs, and we’re always on hand if you need an extra clean in preparation for a visiting client or management team. We can make your building shine like new – Contact Us to find out more!

  • Testimonials

    This is the window cleaner to call! He came and did my Mom and Dad's windows and they had not been done in who knows how long. He worked so hard and when he was done they were just so shiny and beautiful it was incredible. He was even able to get off the mineral deposits from the sprinklers hitting the windows. He cleaned everything inside and out and the screens just looked like new. He was there when he said he would be and he just got it done. The best window cleaner we have ever had. Thank you so much!


  • Testimonials

    I was very impressed with how Philip could clean my high windows without using ladders. He even reached the window above our conservatory!

    Tracey Oldham,

  • Testimonials

    Philip does a great job on our windows, is friendly, polite and always on time. I'd definitely recommend him.

    Derek James,
    Prescott Valley

  • Testimonials

    Fantastic work! My windows have never been so clean.

    Amy Watson,

Prescott Valley Signage & Building Cleaning

Does your building look dull & tired? We can help!

Our climate can take its toll on any property – but commercial building often seem to suffer the worst from algae & lichen growth, as well as staining from traffic fumes and airborne dust.

We have the answer! Using gentle but effective detergents and our high reach pure water cleaning system we can wash down most signage & commercial cladding systems & restore them almost as good as new. Regular cleaning enhances the look of your building, leaves a better first impression on visitors and also protects against permanent staining.

Want your building to shine like new? Contact Us to find out more!