Prescott Window Cleaning

Professional Window washing in Prescott, AZ.

If you want sparkling windows with zero headaches, contact us today!

Our primary focus is on quality workmanship, reliability, and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer window cleaning services in Prescott Valley, AZ, and surrounding areas.

We offer professional cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

No watermarks & no smears, just clean glass and sparkling sills and surround.

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Our window cleaning prices start at just $50 per visit for many commercial monthly customers. Homes avg $100 for each 1,000 sq. feet

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Solar PV And Hot Water Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your solar installation can improve efficiency by up to 30%!
Solar panels are a great investment – but like every investment you want them to generate a return as quickly as possible & this is where Alexander’s Window Cleaning can help!

Our purified water cleaning system is perfect for solar panels – using specially designed soft brushes and purified, deionized water we can gently scrub away the baked on grime and wash it away to reveal a perfect shine.

Regular cleaning of your panels should SAVE you money, not cost you! Contact Us today to find out more